BSA motorcycle history

The Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) is a company that produces not just a motorcycle, airplane, taxi, weapons and more. Of course, motorcycles are a big part of the activities of the company and in the 1950s they were producing more than 75,000 bikes.

BSA was founded in 1863 and began motorcycle division was established in 1880. The first motorized bike was launched in 1905 with a small Minerva engine attached to it.

BSA has a good reputation for a reliable bike and successfully grow with the introduction of S27 (also known as a model Sloper). It was produced for 10 years and is available in 350cc, 500cc and 595cc engines. Throughout the production of slightly modified so that the original design became popular.

During the second world war BSA exposed to attack German forces and make them difficult to produce. However, the BSA continues to produce bicycles and weapons in large quantities. After the Second World War BSA is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world.

In 1937 Walter Handley BSA driving at speeds over 100mph (160 k / h) on the race track curve. This achievement earned him a gold star that later adapted by the BSA in the next motorcycle model called Gold Star. Gold Star became a very popular roadster in the world of race and remained in production until 1963.

The late 1950s introduced a model A7 (500cc) and then the A10 (650cc). Various types of model A is produced by big names like Super Flash or Road Rocket. A very simple model in the view, at an affordable price in its time, not extravagant and reliable is the main reason for them to remain popular. Model A a design trademark of the BSA. In 1962 they were replaced by the A50 (500cc) and A65 (650cc).

BSA produced a 750cc Rocket Three Triple which was developed and manufactured at the company's financial condition is difficult. Because of substantial losses, the company eventually purchased by the company BSA Norton Villiers Triumph motorcycle and was last produced in 1973.

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